You have probably noticed a few big changes here on

First, let's talk about the site design. Since this website began prior to the 2011-2012 scholastic wrestling season, the site design has been relatively unchanged. After eight seasons, we felt it was finally time for a refresh. Our main goal was to make things a bit easier to navigate while also making the site mobile friendly.

The first phase of the refresh is completed with what you are seeing now. Between now and the start of the 2019-20 season, we'll continue to make minor updates to the site particularly when it comes to how it looks on mobile devices. With so much of the site traffic coming from phones and tablets, we want to make sure you get the best viewing experience on those devices.

If you experience any issues on the site, please let us know by contacting

Second, we have partnered with Schuylkill Valley Sports and Asics. As you can tell from the logos at the top of each page, has teamed up with both of these companies in an effort to help promote the sport of wrestling and to provide our site visitors with some great deals on wrestling gear.

This partnership has many phases. Perhaps the biggest part is that Schuylkill Valley Sports is now our official wrestling retail partner and they have provided a special online store ( with some great deals on wrestling shoes, equipment, accessories, and more. You can find this store at the top of every page (either by clicking the SV and Asics logos or by clicking the Store menu link). Schuylkill Valley Sports is also stocking extra wrestling items in several of their physical store locations.

Schuylkill Valley Sports will also be offering a Featured Product exclusively through, which you'll be able to find on our homepage. This will be an item with a limited-time offer price that you'll only be able to get through our website. We expect to have a new item as the Featured Product every couple of weeks, so check back often!

Also, both Schuylkill Valley Sports and Asics will be sponsors of our in-season rankings this season. Over the last few years we have provided rankings for District 1 and District 12, and we may expand that this season. All rankings will be sponsored by both companies.

New to the site this season will be the Wrestler Spotlight, sponsored by both companies. Several times throughout the season will be publishing an article highlighting an individual wrestler on and off the mat.

Both companies will also be sponsoring aspects of our District 1 Wrestling Match of the Week videos as well. More info on that will be announced as we get closer to the season.

And there's more exciting things to come as well, so stay tuned!