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Wrestling fans rejoice - the individual post-season is here! Around the state, wrestlers are hitting the mats with the goal of making it to Hershey for the PIAA Championships in mid-March. We'll have all the brackets and results on our site again this year. Check out the link below or click on the Live Tournaments link above to get to the brackets. We'll have live updates from several tournaments. For the others, we'll get the results posted ASAP afterwards.

2017 PIAA Individual Post-Season Tournament Brackets/Results

2017 PIAA Regional Qualifiers

The PIAA crowned new team wrestling champions on February 11th at the Giant Center in Hershey as Reynolds won their 4th AA title and Nazareth won their 2nd AAA title. In AA, Reynolds cruised to the title with a 54-18 win over Northern Lebanon in the final. In their four state duals matches the Raiders out-scored their opponents by an average of 41 points. The AAA final was an all-time classic matchup between two District 11 rivals in Nazareth and Bethlehem Catholic. Bethlehem Catholic, the returning champs, led the final the entire way but after 14 bouts, the score was tied at 29-29. Nazareth was declared the winner on criteria D, most bouts won, as they won 8 of the 14 bouts. It was the first time a state final had to go to criteria to determine the champion.

2017 PIAA Class AA Team Duals brackets | 2017 PIAA Class AAA Team Duals brackets
PIAA Wrestling Team Duals history

We’ve compiled the list of all returning wrestlers who participated in the 2015-16 post-season. You can view the list (including post-season tournament placing and season record) by clicking the link below. A printable version is available too.

PIAA Returning Wrestlers for the 2016-17 Season

The four week post-season grind cumulating with the PIAA Championships at the Giant Center in Hershey is now in the history books.  Another great season with another spectacular display of the best high school wrestling in the country!  We have all the post-season brackets and results and of course we have all the results and stats from the state tournaments in both AA and AAA.  Check the links below.

2016 PIAA Post-Season Tournament brackets/results
2016 PIAA Regional Qualifiers | 2016 PIAA State Championships Qualifiers
2016 PIAA Wrestling Championships bracket sites:
Class AA | Class AAA

Check out the complete history of the PIAA Wrestling Championships

Ever want to look over old PIAA Wrestling Championship brackets and results...but can't find them online?  Well look no further as we have ALL of them on our site!  That is EVERY state championship bracket and result going back to 1938.  Along with all the results and the rest of the statistics for each tournament you've come to expect from our online brackets, we also have some statistical reports and breakdowns that combine AA and AAA results.  Want a quick list of all the 2, 3, or 4 time state champs?  We got it!  How about which schools have the most 3 or 4 time medal winners?  We got that too!  Just click the link below for all the results and reports.

PIAA Wrestling Championship brackets/results (1938-present)

This will be an ongoing project for quite some time and it involves thousands of names and details.  If you see anything incorrectly listed (name spelled wrong, record or results incorrectly posted, or something else), please let us know by emailing us at and we'll get it fixed ASAP.  Thanks!

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